As an independent publisher we work closely with our authors and endeavour to share any profits equitably. With our POD (print on demand) publishing model, the room for profit is marginal, but the following is a description of how it works for the usual case of a paperback book with a single author:

Typically, for a POD paperback, we pay approximately 1/3 to the printer to produce the physical book. We also pay approximately 1/3 to the distributor, eg; Amazon, or other online bookshop, or high street retailer. The remaining 1/3 is more or less profit, which we then split equally between publisher (us) and author (you). Thus the final amount, which the author receives, is approximately 15% of the book RRP (Recommended Retail Price). This is what we mean, when we say we “split the profit 50/50”.

Please note that, because there are always incidental costs involved, it’s not possible to guarantee 15% of RRP, but it is possible to guarantee an equitable 50/50 split of the profit. Therefore, you can rest assured that at the end of the day, we both take home the same royalty figures at the end of each calendar year.

If you’re interested in working with us, just use the author proposal form to get in touch.