Raging Fire by Sara Schoen

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RAGING FIRE by Sara Schoen: http://amzn.to/2aSPeI9

CIRA agent, Spit Fire, has a mysterious past…

sara-schoen-raging-fire-coverNo one knows what she went through before joining the agency, and that’s how she wants to keep it. She survived and managed to walk away, or did she? Even after establishing a life at the agency there’s something she can’t let go of—the need for revenge. She fights to keep innocent lives safe, but in her world, safety is only an illusion.
Especially when Camden Cardoza reveals her worst nightmare has come true…
Her stepfather, now under the alias of Harley Sanchez, is the new leader of the Cardoza Cartel. Harley knows she’s an agent and he’ll be expecting an attack from CIRA, but he won’t expect her to come alone. Spit Fire isn’t willing to risk losing any more lives to the Cardoza Cartel. She’s determined to put an end to Harley once and for all. Not only to avenge those she’s lost, but also to give others a chance to live. After all, he ruined her life and now she’s hell bent on returning the favor.
Revenge and the need to protect the other members of CIRA has always been her first priority.
For Spit Fire, this is her life and her family.
Family…that was always the problem.
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