Never Lose Faith by Jamie Lynn Boothe

Demons. Personal demons. Everyone has them and Amanda Alston has more than her fair share. Living within the disease of addiction to the point that she has to sell her body to feed the need. jamie-lynn-boothe-never-lose-faithTo fulfill the power it has over her so she won’t bedeathly sick. That is until death comes knocking on her door with a paying customer who is sicker than she ever dreamed of being. Her only savior? A Judge.
With only the options of going to treatment or jail, Amanda makes the wiser decision. Within the walls, of possibly her only chance, of getting help she goes through the pains of detoxing. She graduates from a twenty-eight day program and begins trying to build a normal life. She finds out being normal is a myth since that isn’t what happens.
An old boyfriend who reappears, accepting her sexuality and a terrible accident all thrown at her with the everyday trials of staying clean from drugs. Can Amanda defeat the demons that held her down for years? Can she find normalcy and possibly love again in her damaged life? Walk with her on her journey and see it through her eyes.