Loving Her Scars by B. M. Griffin

Shayla’s scars run deeper than those on her body. Being beaten by a man you loved can do that to you. Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scarred in more ways than one.

b-m-griffin-loving-her-scarsHer best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla for as long as he can remember. He couldn’t save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. There’s just one little thing she doesn’t know—Adam is a werewolf.

Shayla gets sucked into a world of werewolves and finds herself opening up to Adam’s love, but there is one alpha wolf who threatens to take it all away. If they are going to survive they’ll need to come together to fight for each other and their pack. Can Shayla find the strength to leave her past behind and fight for the future?

“Loving Her Scars” by B.M. Griffin is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.
Shayla’s scars run deep, but Adam’s love is deeper. When she learns Adam is a werewolf, can they find strength together or will they end up being torn apart?